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Pratima Misra

The beautiful forms and colors of nature have always fascinated me and have inspired me to create paintings on landscapes, flowers and trees. As I child, I saw my mother paint folkart designs at various festival occasions; this inspired me to make my own creations of flowers in our garden. As my passion grew over time, I started experimenting with a variety of other subjects and painting styles. I started off as a self-taught artist painting primarily in oil and then gradually extending my creativity to watercolors. I was attracted to the wonderful fluidity and softness of watercolors. Over the last few years, I started painting on Yupo paper also - which has fascinated me as it gives very colorful and vibrant results.

Nature and its glorious beauty is my source of inspiration. I feel a personal connect whenever I make a painting about nature. This experience is a great source of mental relaxation to me. I try to share my feelings by expressing them in my paintings.

I completed my Doctorate in Geography and then got the opportunity to travel extensively in India, Italy and US. The beauty of each place has left a deep impression on me and is reflected in my paintings. I have attended numerous watercolor workshops and got trained under Bharat Pandya, Marta, Ference Besze and Jane Hofstetter. I also joined various artist groups in the bay area and participated in exhibitions organized by SCVWS. Many of my paintings are in private collections.