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Newsletter August 2008
August 18 , 2008 - The next Board Meeting - 7PM at 21471 Columbus Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014
August 15 , 2008 - Submission deadline for the September Newsletter.
September 8 , 2008 - Next painting change date at Quinlan
August 11, 2008 General Meeting

FALC General Meeting, The Cupertino Room, Quinlan Center, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino

Monday, August 11, 2008/ 7:00pm - 9:30 PM

Lecture on Color Theory by Linda Lum

Linda Lum has taught at Foothill College in Los Altos for 30 years. Based on a Color class that she is currently conducting there, she will be talking about color theory. This is valuable information for artists painting in any medium. Equiped with charts, props, supplies and a small slide show, Linda will talk about the emotional content of color and how to see value (dark to light) in color, color harmonies and color schemes ie. complementary, analagous etc. Members will get to make small collage with colored paper which she will supply.

Linda has a masters degree from the University of Iowa and also teaches Art History, Asian Art History, Introduction to Design, Drawing, Etching, Lithography, Art Materials, Composition and Painting.

At the July Meeting
FALC took a summer break and there was no meeting in July 2008.
Artist of the Month
Please bring in a painting for Artist of the Month to the August meeting. The first 10 paintings will be accepted.
Next Painting change date at Quinlan - September 8, 2008
The paintings that are currently up at Quinlan will remain there till the September 8 meeting. After the Fall Festival Show on September 13-14, the winners of the Show will be displayed at Quinlan starting September 15, 2008.
FALC Annual Juried Art Show

FALC Annual Juried Show at the Cupertino Community Hall - September 13 and 14, 2008

Deadline for entry August 18, 2008

Entry form page 1 / Entry form page 2 / Additional Infomation

Calendar for the show

Entry by submission of photographs. Please write a sentence or two on the back of your photos to explain your thoughts about your entry and how your painting/photo is connected to the theme. Your statement will be displayed next to your painting at the show in order for the viewer to understand your image better. We encourage all participants to use the title of the work to connect it to the theme of the show. 3 entries will guarantee that at least 1 of your paintings will be juried into the show.

The Show will be sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cupertino. Stefan Baumann of The Grand View (Public TV series) will judge the Show. In keeping with the environmental theme of the Cupertino Fall Festival this year, our show will focus on a very broad theme of EARTH. Artists are encouraged to submit artwork that reflects their experiences on EARTH - anything from the artist's appreciation of the beauty of nature to abstract expressions of concepts like interdependence, conservation, tolerance etc. The possibilities of subject matter are limitless.


DONATIONS NEEDED - Auction at the Reception on September 12, 2008 to benefit the Sichuan Earthquake victims

Please consider donating one painting or artwork to be sold at the auction during the reception. 70% of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to the ShelterBox project to benefit the earthquake victims, 20% to the artist to recover costs and 10% to FALC. If you are considering a donation, please submit a photo of the painting or image along with your show entries and clearly mark it as an auction entry. Your donation will be acknowledged during the reception and and in the program. Thank you for your generosity. If you have any questions about the auction please contact Iona Ezaki at ionaezaki@aol.com.

Auction Entry form


2008 Cupertino Distinguished Artist Award

Congratulations to FALC member Floy Zittin for winning the Cupertino Distinguished Artist Award presented to her by the City of Cupertino. Floy will display her paintings at the Community Hall during the Fall Festival in September. Please visit her website www.floyzittin.com to view her wonderful artwork featuring wildlife in their natural habitat.

Profile of the Month

Every month we bring you the profile of a FALC member who contributes their time and effort toward the club. Yelena Shabrova and her husband Slava Shabrova have offered to handle the painting changes at Quinlan and have been a great help during setup and takedown of FALC community shows.

Artist's statement - "It's the everyday splendor of the world we live in that inspires me to draw my horses, landscapes, and flowers using mostly colored pencils and erasers. Working in colored pencil has been my passion for over 10 years. This wonderful medium allows to draw practically anywhere, in any intervals of time, and requires almost no time for setup or cleaning. I work with many layers of color all over the paper, adding and blending strokes wherever I feel they are necessary until the whole artwork is almost done. I never aim for photorealistic look and prefer to capture the inner beauty of my subjects rather than meticulous details of their appearance. Sometimes I only add suggestions of a few details which can say a lot about the character of a horse or the mood of a landscape. It's easier to start working in colored pencil than to stop, but when I feel that the drawing is breathing, I don't add anything to it. I use a different approach for pastel pencil and rarely go further then the main subject and suggestions of the background."

To learn more about Yelena and her work please visit her website at www.shabrova.com

Gallery Pages

If you have not done so already, please don't forget to send us the information we require to create a gallery page for you. For instructions on sending in your information, please visit http://www.falc.org/gallery/submit_new_gallery_page.htm and email all necessary information to janki_chokshi@hotmail.com.

Open Studios / Panel Rental
Panels are available for rent all year at $5/weekend for members and $7 / weekend for non-members. For panel rental and availability please email Carrie Zeidman at czeidman@elanstudios.net or call her at 408-741-5809.

Shows to Visit

Jane Ferguson has been juried into the Viewpoints Gallery, 315 State Street, Los Altos. www.viewpointsgallery.com. Her work will be on view starting April 1, 2008

Red Hot Summer - August 4 to 29 / 14 Artists create works in Red! Visit with the Artists Sunday Aug 10, 2-5pm. FALC members Jane Ferguson and Floy Zittin will be showing with 12 other artists. Viewpoints Gallery: 315 State Street., Los Altos

Stephen Yee and Bairu Ng - Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition March 26 to November 1, 2008 at The Pacific Heritage Museum in San Francisco.

Shows to Enter

2008 FALC Fall Festival Juried Show: EARTH EXPRESSIONS - See above for details. Entry deadline August 18, 2008

Reflections of the Bay - Entry deadline August 29, 2008. Juried competition and art show running Sept 25 through Dec 2. Reception September 25, 6pm to 8:30pm. Abstract and figurative art in all media accepted. Entry fee $15 for up to 6 images. Prospectus at www.mesart.com/prospectus

Art and Wine Festivals all over the Bay Area: Go to caartists.com for information on how to participate in all the Art and Wine Festivals in our area including the Mountain View, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Fremont Art Festivals and many more. There is a 1 time jurying-in process and then you are free to participate in as many events as you want. Submit 4 photos of you work, one of your display area and a copy of your business license. Details at CaArtists.com.

San Francisco Public Artists Pool: Call for artists who would like to participate with art in public areas in the city. One need not be an artist with experience in public art, they have professionals that can help artists translate their work into more permanent materials. http://www.sfartscommission.org/pubart/opportunities/rfqs/200802ccsrfq.htm All application submissions are online. Deadline for submission April 30, 2008 https://www.callforentry.org/index.php


Critique Group: If you would like to join a Critique Group and get some constructive feedback on your art while meeting other artists who work in different media, please contact Tamar Assaf. She is putting together a group that will meet once a month.

Natasha Foucault conducts classes "Painting on Silk" Thursdays 6:30 to 8:00 PM in sessions of 3 classes. There will be 3 projects -12" x 60" scarves, and she will provide all the materials. Her contact information is at http://natashasilkart.com.

The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society has some excellent workshops offered in 2007 and 2008. Workshop artists are Mike Bailey, Donna Zagotta, Frank Francese, Mark Mehaffey, Barbara Nechis and more. You do not have to be a member to participate and the workshops are reasonably priced. Please visit www.scvws.org for complete workshop details.

Free Demos by SCVWS: For a complete list of free demos please visit http://www.scvws.org/workshops/wkshp2008.php Donna Zagotta - September 14, Ann Pember - October 19.

Collage with Kay Duffy - Monoprint color and texture on lovely translucent Asian papers torn and glued to create abstract or impressionistic paintings. All supplies provided. Classes also offered in Palo Alto in early September. Watercolor classes will continue twice a month during the summer. Call 408-867-0508 or go to k@kayduffywatercolors.com

Congratulations to Tamar Assaf for winning the 2008 Bertha Anolic Memorial Fine Arts Travel Scholarship to Israel. She chose Animals of the Bible as an area of artistic interest.
Volunteers Needed!
  • Refreshments coordinator: (Dee is unable to continue in 2008) 2 people needed. We need someone to make a commitment every other month to set-up the refreshments and coffee, find volunteers to bring snacks, and remind (before each meeting) the volunteers to bring something, clear the table after the meetings.
FALC Board 2008
President: Iona Ezaki - 408-978-6614 / Agenda
Vice President: Belinda Lima - 408-252-0367 / Exhibits & Demos
Vice President: Nina Uppaluru - 408-257-1315 / Newsletter, Website
Treasurer: Rajani Balaram
Website: Nina Uppaluru, Janki Chokshi
Quinlan Show Coordinator: Yelena and Slava Shabrova
Secretary: Laurie Creveling
Publicity: Janki Chokshi
Graphics and Panel rental: Carrie Zeidman
Membership: Reiko Michisaki
Refreshments: Dee Sullivan
Mail Pick-up: Dianne Cassidy
Historian: Zoe Thompson
Mtg Coordinator: Gary Ratts

We would love to hear from you. Please send questions or comments to information@falc.org

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