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Newsletter November 2008
FALC General Meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Quinlan Communtiy Center, 10185 N. Stelling Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014
November 10, 2008
  General Meeting. No Artist of the Month at this meeting
November 10, 2008
  Quinlan Show change. Please bring 1 or 2 new paintings to hand until the January 2009 meeting. Please arrive early to pick up your old paintings. There will be a $10 charge for unclaimed paintings.
November 15, 2008
  Submission deadline for the December newsletter
November 17, 2008
  Next Board Meeting at 21471 Columbus Ave., Cupertino, CA 95014. All members are encouraged to attend and become involved with the club.
December 8, 2008
  FALC Holiday Pot-luck and Paint-in. Please plan on participating to paint holiday posters for the Pleasant View Convalescent Home.
February 1- 28, 2009
  Entry form. "From the Heart" show at the Main Street Cafe in Los Altos. Deadline:Jan. 21, 2009.
November 10 , 2008 General Meeting

FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino

Monday, November 10, 2008/ 7:00pm - 9:30 PM

Open to the Public - Guests are welcome

Watermedia on Tyvek paper

Myrna Wacknov will be demonstrating watermedia painting on Tyvek paper; a synthetic paper that lends texture similar to rice paper or other natural papers.

Myrna received her Signature Membership in the National Watercolor Society in 2005 and her signature membership in the California Watercolor Society in 2007. She has been included in the national shows of the California Watercolor Association, the Watercolor Association of Houston, Rocky Mountain Watercolor Society, Watercolor West and the National Watercolor Society.

For a list of Myrna's workshops, please visit http://myrnawacknov.com/workshops.html

2009 Board Nominations

We are currently taking nominations for several Board positions for 2009.

Please consider becoming involved with the club and sharing your skills and experience with us. If there is anyone you would like to nominate (including yourself) for the positions listed below, please email us about it or let us know at the general meeting. Most members serve in a position for a year or two and then enjoy moving on to other duties. This is a club that functions on the volunteerism of its members so please consider getting involved. You could consider sharing the duties with a friend at the club.


  Iona Ezaki has served the club as President for 3 years and would like to step down and be involved with the club in other ways. Duties of the President would be to write the agenda for the general meetings and the steering meetings once a month and to speak at the general meetings.
Vice President Demo Coordinator
  Belinda Lima has served in this position for 3 years and will train the next person who will fill this position. Duties will include finding a variety of demonstration artists, confirming dates and finding out about the visiting artist's requirements, sending reminders before the meeting, providing the demo artist's info for the newsletter, helping the demo artist set up before the meeting and making sure that they are paid.
  Rajani Balaram who has served as Treasurer for 2 years would like to step down. She will help the next Treasurer ease into the duties - keeping the board informed about the bank account, keeping accounts of sales and expenses and submitting a simple tax statement at the end of the year. The treaurer should ideally have some accounting experience and attend most steering meetings.
  Our current Secretary for the past year - Laurie Creveling is stepping down and would also like to try other duties with the club for 2009. This position could be shared with a friend and would require you to attend the general meetings and submit the minutes of the meetings by email.
Volunteer Positions Open
Refreshments Coordinator
  Ralph Otte has volunteered to help with refreshment setup but would like to share the job with another person who would fill in when he cannot make it. Duties would include - reminding the people signed up to get the refreshments, setting up the refreshments table and clearing the table at the end of the meeting.
Artist of the Month

There will be no Artist of the Month event at the November meeting.

Artist of the Month winners in October

Next Painting change date at Quinlan - November 10, 2008
Profile of the Month

Each month, we bring you the profile one of our members who contributes in a meaningful way toward the club. Reiko Michisaki has been the membership chairperson for 2008 and will continue in 2009.

Artist's statement -

"It is said that art is a form of communication and as such I use art as a way to communicate with my subconscious, a method of self exploration. I find this type of non-verbal communication allows a greater flow of emotions to express that is which is unspoken. The psychotherapist Carl Jung believed that dreams sent messages from the soul. My last series 'Dreamings' were inspired by my dreams. The use of abstraction works well to depict the often jumbled images of dreams. My current series 'Journey' is patterned after Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey'. It is a mythic journey which encompasses aspects of my previous works, where dreams represent the region of the dark subconscious and serves as both challenge and path to the goal of self-knowledge. My recent studies in abstraction follows the path of the California Bay Area Figurative art movement, recently studying 'Figurative Abstraction' under Ursula O'Farrell , one of the third generation of Bay Area Figurative artists."

Gallery Pages

If you have not done so already, please don't forget to send us the information we require to create a gallery page for you. For instructions on sending in your information, please visit /gallery/submit_new_gallery_page.html and email all necessary information to janki_chokshi@hotmail.com.

Open Studios / Panel Rental
Panels are available for rent all year at $5/weekend for members and $7 / weekend for non-members. For panel rental and availability please email Carrie Zeidman at czeidman@elanstudios.net or call her at 408-741-5809.

Shows to Visit

Belinda Lima will have her paintings in the "Winter Gifts" Show at Gallery 9, 143 Main St., Los Altos. Show: November 25 to Dec 24. Reception: Thursday December 4th, 5 - 7:30pm.

Priyanka Gupta- "Color Explosion Show" displayed at Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, CA 94703. October 11 to December 5, 2008

Grace Tang- "Montage paintings in oils and acrylics" displayed at the Saratoga Library art wall. January & February 2009

"On the Edge" SCVWS Annual Show - To November 15th at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, Rose Shensen Gallery. Congratulations to FALC members who won awards. 1st Place- Nina Uppaluru, Beyond the Surface Award - Rajani Balaram, Honorable Mentions - Belinda Lima and Jane Ferguson, Creative Catalyst Award - Bernice Owens.

Shows to Enter

The 52nd Annual Saratoga Rotary Art Show - The largest 1 day juried Art show in the Western US on May 3, 2009. Apply online http://www.saratogarotary.org/artshow/artists.shtml Application deadline January 20, 2009

Yosemite Renaissance Art Show - Deadline November 15, 2009 http://yosemiterenaissance.org/


The Grand View Ranch Workshop- Stefan Baumann's 3 day weekend workshop in beautiful Mt. Shasta at the Grand View Ranch. Info at www.thegrandview.com 1-800-511-1337 baumann@thegrandview.org

Landscape painting classes with Stefan Baumann. Weekly on Thursdays in San Jose. Info at www.thegrandview.org

The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society has some excellent workshops offered 2008 and 2009. Workshop artists are Mike Bailey, Frank Francese, Mark Mehaffey, Barbara Nechis and more. You do not have to be a member to participate and the workshops are reasonably priced. Please visit www.scvws.org for complete workshop details.

Free Demos by SCVWS: For a complete list of free demos please visit http://www.scvws.org/workshops/wkshp2008.php

Collage with Kay Duffy - Monoprint color and texture on lovely translucent Asian papers torn and glued to create abstract or impressionistic paintings. All supplies provided. Classes also offered in Palo Alto in early September. Watercolor classes will continue twice a month during the summer. Call 408-867-0508 or go to k@kayduffywatercolors.com

FALC Board 2008
President: Iona Ezaki - 408-978-6614 / Agenda
Vice President: Belinda Lima - 408-252-0367 / Exhibits & Demos
Vice President: Nina Uppaluru - 408-257-1315 / Newsletter, Website
Treasurer: Rajani Balaram
Website: Nina Uppaluru, Janki Chokshi
Quinlan Show Coordinator: Yelena and Slava Shabrova
Secretary: Laurie Creveling
Publicity: Janki Chokshi
Graphics and Panel rental: Carrie Zeidman
Membership: Reiko Michisaki
Refreshments: Dee Sullivan
Mail Pick-up: Dianne Cassidy
Historian: Zoe Thompson
Mtg Coordinator: Gary Ratts

We would love to hear from you. Please send questions or comments to information@falc.org

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