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Newsletter January 2015
Jan. 12, 2015

Falc General Meeting on Monday at 7:00 in the Quinlan Center.

Jan. 19, 2015
  Next Steering Meeting on Thursday at 7:00 at Panera.
Jan 12, 2015
  Next Quinlan painting change.
2015 FALC Membership

To participate in FALC sponsored shows and exhibits, one must be juried in as a exhibiting member. Artists who have submitted 3 pieces of original art which meet with the approval and acceptance of the voting members will be awarded "Exhibiting Membership". Jurying in will take place at most meetings.

Membership for continuing members is $30.00 per year, January through December.

Membership fees are due for the year 2015-2016.

Membership Form

General Meeting - January 12, 2015
January 2015
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, January 12, 2015/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Fixing your Old Paintings - See "call for artwork" below

Call for Artwork:

Your “Aesthetically Challenged” oil or acrylic landscape paintings are wanted as subjects for our January 12, 2015 painting demonstration at Fine Arts League of Cupertino with Mark Monsarrat, entitled “Fixing Your Old Paintings". We all have old paintings in our studios that could use some re-work. To prepare for his demonstration, Mark has graciously asked for submissions from interested members to re-create their paintings before our very eyes. Mark will paint over a print of a painting selected from your submissions, showing his approach to reworking an older painting. The original will not be touched, and the artist can remain anonymous. Bring your submissions to the meeting or Submit your oil or acrylic landscape entries by email to MarkMonsarrat@sbcglobal.net with "FALC Demo Pics" in subject line, attaching one or two jpeg’s (size approx. 4”x6” at 300 dpi).

The traditional oil landscape paintings by long-time plein-air artist Mark Monsarrat are inspired by the Hudson River School, Early California, Craftsman (Arts & Crafts), and Tonalist Styles; such artists as Bierstadt, Keith, Hill, Durand, Cole; California Impressionists Edgar Payne, William Wendt; and many others. Mark constantly strives to capture the mood, mystery, and atmosphere of trees, skies, mountains, and water.

A professional artist for nearly thirty years, Mark continues to show in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, with an MFA from the Academy of Art University, a BFA from the California College of the Arts, and has numerous plein-air workshops from known artists.

Interested Artists Please bring your submission in the meeting.

Profile of The Month

FALC has introduced member incentive program last year. We are proud to introduce the 2014 "Artist of the Year" title winner - Steve Clark. Steve earned the most points for participation in our club.

"I am obsessed with expressing my creativity. First it was pencil sketching. Then model building. My true passion became evident through the medium of acrylic paint. My style initially was illustrative in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Over time my skills and execution have become more fluid and expressive. I now am focused on sharpening my talent in creating abstract and impressionistic work. I live in San Jose, CA.

Reward Points For Members

FALC is excited to introduce the Membership Incentive Program. Please visit the link for more details.

Members Incentive Program

Our next shows



FALC member show at the Main Street Cafe, 134 Main, Los Altos, CA 94022
Show coordinator: Janki Chokshi / janki_chokshi@hotmail.com
"Silicon Valley Open Studios [SVOS]"
We would like to share exciting news with you – we got approval from the City of Cupertino and will hold the Silicon Valley Open Studios site on Weekend #3 May 17-18 2014! The site location is on the plaza in front of the Cupertino Library – the side close to the City Hall and Torre Avenue. Please see attached prospectus for details and join us at SVOS! Information is also posted on our web site http://falc.org/svos.htm
December Paint-in Potluck

Gifts and posters were donated to Healthcare & Wellness Center. Thank you members for donating the gifts and participating in the Paint-in and the Potluck.

2015 Nominations and Elections

With the beginning of the new year all FALC board positions are open for new nominations. We would like to ask that each FALC member give some thought to how they can be more involved with our club for 2015. You can nominate yourself or any other FALC member for any position listed below. All nominations will be voted on at the January Meeting. The club has many talented members with many skills that are urgently needed to run the group. A club is only as good as it's members and if everyone takes turns at running the group we can achieve great results. Please ask yourself what you can do to contribute. We will do everything we can to make your involvement a positive experience and you will have plenty of guidance to help you get started. You may consider sharing a job with a friend. We invite nominations for any of the following vacant positions -


(Open) Nomination : Janki Chokshi

Vice President Shows & Events

(Open) Nomination : Slava Shabrov


(Open) Nomination : Carrie Zeidman


(Open) Nomination : Yelena Shabrova


(Open) Nomination : Keith Hull


(Open) Nomination : Slava Shabrov


(Open) Assigning and managing the refreshments for the meetings.

Demo Coordinator

(Open) Todd Kruse

Panel Rental

Carrie Zeidman

Greeting Table

(Open) Managing the greeting table for all general meetings.


Sid Veloria

Please contact Slava Shabrov (slava@shabrov.com) if you would like to discuss volunteering for any of the above vacant positions.

Shows to See

FALC does not endorse the classes, venues and events listed below. We simply list any information that we determine would be of interest to our members. If you have a show or reception that you would like to list in this section, please send the information (under 50 words) to janki_chokshi@hotmail.com along with a picture of the display if you have one.

Social Network Art Competition-Expo Israeli Artists Competition Reception : Thursday, November 13, 2014- 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ZK Gallery, 213 Jefferson Street, San Francisco. Finalists' work and more information: www.snac-expo.com . Exhibit runs November 11-18, 2014. FALC Member Sagi Erez has two paintings in the exhibition.

Favorite Things : Come by Jco's Place, a stylish little gallery in the heart of Los Gatos, and visit Jaya King's new encaustic artwork. Jco's Place www.jcosplace.com 45 N. Santa Cruz Avenue Los Gatos, CA 95030 (408) 888 1500. This latest collection is part of Jco's "Favorite Things" show. The show runs through December 16- January 7th. Grab your umbrella and swing by!!

Shows to Enter

The Cupertino Library Art Display sponsored by the Library Foundation is now taking applications from artists who would like to display their work at the Cupertino Library on a 9' x 9' space for a period of 2 months. The library takes no commission on sales and there is no charge for displaying there. The application form is at http://cupertinolibraryfoundation.org/programs/art-wall/art-wall-entry-form/

CWA 45th National Exhibition : CWA's annual National Exhibitions are open to water media artists in the United States and internationally. Our annual National Exhibition attracts artists from all across the United States and abroad, and awards a number of prizes in cash and merchandise. Call for Entries to California Watercolor Association 45th National Exhibition from January 15, 2015, to February 21, 2015. The 45th National Exhibition will be held at the Firehouse Art Center in Pleasanton, CA. The Harrington Gallery is located inside the Firehouse Arts Center operated by the City of Pleasanton, CA. It is a beautiful space that exhibits a lively schedule of rotation art installations featuring a variety of media, themes and styles. The gallery is situated near the historic old town of Pleasanton, where interesting local restaurants and shops can be found. Please click here for the full Prospectus.


Anna Lee Steed will be teaching a painting class for oil and acrylic painters at the Quinlan Center in Cupertino starting January 9th. Classes will be on Mondays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Students will paint abstracts, still life and landscape. As always, Anna Lee’s lessons will have a strong focus on color. Painters of all levels are welcome, extra help for beginners. Cost is $150 for five classes Please contact Anna Lee at 831-662-8979 for more information, a registration form and the material list. See Anna Lee’s paintings online at www.linstromart.com.

Mike Kirschel Learn and practice oil painting (or acrylic) in the Monta Vista neighborhood of Cupertino. Beginning and advanced students welcome, class focus is on painting and picture making fundamentals with an emphasis on composition and color. Indoor studio painting is Wednesday mornings, 9:30 - 12:00 and outdoor painting on location is on Saturdays also 9:30-12:00. Private and small group lessons are also available. Please visit the website at www.kirschel.com for more information or call Mike Kirschel at 650-521-1856.

Zoya Scholis conducts advanced, intermediate and beginners watermedia painting classes through the FUHSD Sunnyvale Cupertino Adult education and at the Cupertino Senior Center. She also conducts Mixed Media Workshops and Collage Workshops in the summer. For more details please visit https://www.ace.fuhsd.org. Contact Zoya at zoya@artforpersonalgrowth.com

Stefan Bauman Weekly oil painting classes in Saratoga the first and third week of each month. Classes are on Mondays from 6-9pm and Tuesdays from 10am - 1pm Please call 415 606-9074 or email stefan_baumann@yahoo.com. More Info at www.thegrandview.

Joy Kuo Teaching Chinese brush painting. Beginner or advance students on Wednesday mornings 10:00am -12:00pm at Joy's studio, 154 Quail Hollow Dr. San Jose, CA 95128 . $40.00/per class. Please call 408-598-6085 or email kuojs@yahoo.com.

Martha Zlatar is an Artist Success Coach who can help you define your unique goals for your art and support you in the process. Coaching is a wonderful way to be accountable for your actions. Martha will help you identify what you want to do, when will you do it by and how will you get it done. Please contact her for a complimentary half hour phone consultation at 415-839-8085 or email her at martha@artmatch-coach.com.

SCVWS offers a 10 week painting course with Mike Bailey, Watercolor Beyond the Obvious. It also offers a SCVWS 2012 workshop brochure. You can register on their website at www.scvws.org Info: 650-941-8073.

Member of FALC Kathy Qi has started a website for artists for selling and promoting their work. website: http://www.key2arts.com/ Key2ARTS.com is a FREE community service for artists to exhibit and sell their own original, prints, and cards of artwork with very low commission rate. Membership is free and it's open to any art club juried-in artist, and people who appreciate art.

University Art in San Jose presents a GOLD LEAF WORKSHOP: "Learn how to use Gold Leaf Within Your Painting" Saturday March 22nd, 2014 / 2pm to 5pm Cost : $80.00 at University Art 456 Meridian Ave. San Jose, Ca. 95126. For registration and information contact : 408-297-4707. Artist Tanya Larina will show you the steps to add gold leaf into your oil or acrylic painting. Call the store to reserve your spot. This will fill up fast and space is limited.

An Artist Workshop by George O’Hanlon( Director of Natural Pigments) : on Saturday, November 16th at 9am-5pm and Sunday, November 17th at 9am-5pm. Accent Arts, 392 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA. The small class size provides each attendee personal attention and guidance with materials. Registration now open: $325 per person Due to limited class size we ask that you register early and pay for the workshop upon registration to insure your space. All workshop materials are included in the tuition. Registration open now.

Resources Page on website
Please check out our Artist Resources page which lists many recommendations by FALC artists. Members are welcome to submit their recommendations for the organizing committee to review. Please make your recommendations as detailed as possible and let us know what you find useful. Submit your recommendations using the form at the bottom of this page and add "Artist Resources and Recommendations" to your subject line.
Gallery Pages

If you have not done so already, please don't forget to send us the information we require to create a gallery page for you. For instructions on sending in your information, please visit http://www.falc.org/gallery/submit_new_gallery_page.htm and email all necessary information to Janki Chokshi email: janki_chokshi@hotmail.com

Panel Rental

Panels are available for rent all year at $5/weekend for members and $7/weekend for non-members. There will be a $25 charge for checks returned due to insufficient funds. For panel rental and availability please email Carrie Zeidman at czeidman@elanstudios.net or call her at 408-741-5809. Full payment plus a $100 refundable deposit are due when panels are picked up.

FALC Guidelines - Criteria for Jurying-in new members

FALC has been fortunate this year to welcome many new members and we can look forward to many others being interested in joining our club. One of the questions that we get asked the most from current members and those who are interested in joining is about our criteria for acceptance. Our process is clear and simple. Anyone who wants to join needs to bring three pieces of art to one of our meetings. The members present at that meeting will vote, and if a 2/3 majority of people approve, that person will be accepted, pay their dues, and become an exhibiting member.

As a juried club, FALC strives to maintain a certain standard of proficiency since organizations that invite us to exhibit assume a certain selectivity. One rule of thumb commonly used when voting in new members is to ask yourself this question - Would I like to exhibit with this work? Would this new work add to the reputation of the club? Just as we support each other by bringing our best work to shows and by providing new, fresh work for the painting changes at Quinlan, we can use our Artists' eyes to make decisions about what work will be hanging beside us at the next show.

Voting "no" during the jurying-in process does not bar an artist from joining the club. The artist can still be a member, just not an "exhibiting member". Non-exhibiting members can attend demos and meetings that provide an environment for their art to grow. As they continue to develop their skills, they are welcome to jury in at a later date.

FALC Guidelines - Copyrighted material

The laws regarding copyrighted material are complex and not uniform from state to state. In order to avoid liability and the burden of determining whether a particular image involves copyright infringement, FALC has created the following guidelines for member artists. FALC assumes that it is the respoinsibility of the artist to honestly follow these guidelines and assumes no liability for work that is submitted or displayed not following these guidelines. It reserves the right to disqualify a painting if there is reasonable doubt about copyright infringement or plagiarism.

  • Work entered for a show must be the artist's original work in concept and execution.
  • It cannot be copied from copyrighted material or photographs belonging to another person or organizaion except with the copyright holder's explicit written permission.
  • It cannot be the reproduction of a painting done by another person even if the original artist is acknowledged on the painting.
  • It cannot be the reproduction of a historic painting.
FALC Board 2014
President: Slava Shabrov
Vice President: Janki Chokshi - Website and Newsletter
Program and Publicity: Carrie Zeidman
Treasurer: Todd Kruse
Secretary: Keith Hull
Membership: Yelena Shabrova
Refreshments: Vacant
Demo Coordinator: Nina Uppaluru
Online Gallery pages: Janki Chokshi
Artist of the Month Updates: Janki Chokshi
Historian : Sid Veloria
Panel rental: Carrie Zeidman
Greeting Table: Kalpana Adesara
Online mail: Slava Shabrov

We would love to hear from you.
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