Impressions - FALC show Prospectus

Show Date: November 7th, 2020
Time: 11AM to 4PM
Location: Virtual Event hosted on “RingCentral” Video Conferencing App
Judge: TBD


This competition is open to all artists who create any time of visual art. All submissions will be submitted virtually and qualifying submissions will be selected by a FALC steering committee.

Cost of Participation

Rules of Entry

  1. All work must be original and created by the exhibiting artist.
  2. When you submit your artwork, remember to choose the correct category in the registration form.
  3. Art work may not be a copy or obviously resemble other artists’ artwork, including images in the public domain. Additionally, reproductions and re-printed photographs from other artists are strictly not allowed.
  4. Submitted work must not have been exhibited at the previous Fall Fest Show and the art must have been created in the last 3 years
  5. The art must be complete prior to the show. This means that it should be dry and ready for display (just as it would be during any non-virtual showcase). The reason for this rule is that we do not want any last minute alterations or damages to the artwork right before a successful sell or competition announcement.
  6. Artwork that is submitted must be final upon submission -- we do not allow exchanges of submissions. All Artwork images must be submitted using the registration form and original artwork must be available with the Artist at the time of virtual show.
  7. Any sale of artwork will be handled by the Artist and FALC will not charging 10% of the sales as this is virtual show
  8. FALC Members can display prints, cards and other artworks during their 3 minutes video recording. But cannot promote personal business like art classes and all.
  9. FALC reserves the right to reject any artwork before, during, and after the show if deemed incorrect based on the above Rules of Entry.
  10. Additionally, FALC also has the right to enforce any rule that may not be directly listed here if there are any loopholes.

Framing Instructions

  1. What should my submission look like?
    • All submitted work must be framed and ready to hang. Artwork must be completely dry, exposed paints must be solid to touch (not only surface dry).
    • The edges of canvases should be painted if it is not framed.
    • Photographs should also be framed.
  2. How to take photographs of your artwork?
    • We realize that when you take pictures of your artwork, there might be light glistening or reflecting off of your piece and it may not give the same effect as it would as an art piece in real life.
    • Refer to this link that has tips on how to take high quality photographs of your artwork.
  3. How to show your work on screen?
    • During the virtual show, we recommend that you test your video camera and microphone ahead of time.
    • Additionally, make sure the room you’re sitting in is well lit so that your artwork is clearly visible.
    • Try to have a light that is in front of your art rather than behind (so it does not make a silhouette).
    • Finally, make sure you are using some kind of steady camera (laptop is preferred over phone) so that the camera is not wobbly when you’re presenting).

    Use your judgement and try to make the viewing experience the best possible for people who are tuning in for the show.

Link to Registration From

Impressions - 2020 Registration Form

Impressions 2020Virtual Show Calendar

November- 1st Deadline for submissions.
November- 3 Notification sent for acceptance.
November 6: Set up the artwork at home to show the works to the Judge
November-6 th - Show Judging - Time will be announced later
November -7th -11AM to 4PM Virtual Show
November - 7 - 3PM Virtual Reception and awards


Will be announced soon!