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Exhibiting Rules at FALC sponsored functions

1. Any juried, current member of FALC is eligible to exhibit work at FALC sponsored functions.

2. All artwork must be original work by the submitting artist. No copies of other artist's work will be accepted.

3. No works depicting nude figures will be accepted for showing.

4. All work must be properly framed and ready to be hung as follows:

Watercolors and photographs should be framed and have glass or preferably plexiglass protecting the face of the art.

Plexiglass instead of glass is required for framed pieces larger than 20" in any dimension.

Wrap-around canvases will be accepted without frames provided the painting continues around the outside edge and does not have staples on the outside edges.

All framed work must have suitable wire to accommodate the weight of the work and must have flat type wire connectors (D-rings) to avoid damage to walls and other art.

D-rings should be secured approximately 1/3 of the height from the top of the frame. Stretch the wire tight. The raw ends of the wire must be taped. No sawtooths, clamps, clips or screw eyes can be used.

5. Oils and acrylics should be thoroughly dry prior to exhibiting.

6. Individuals are responsible for submitting their work on time to designated exhibition sites and for pick-up after the showing.

7. Exhibiting Chairperson/Committee shall designate how many items a member can display at any one show. This does not apply when an individual has his own booth at a show.

8. FALC does not insure art work at its sponsored functions and is not responsible for damaged art, frames or glass.

9. Quinlan Center has a specific employee that hangs art. FALC does not recommend that members either hang or remove art without informing the Exhibiting Chairperson.

10. A fee of 10% of the sale price is due FALC on any work sold at FALC functions.

11. FALC reserves the right to refuse to hang works that it deems objectionable or unqualified for showing.

12. If artwork is not picked up by the artist at the end of an event, FALC will charge $10 per week for storage until artwork is picked up.

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