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Quinlan Show

Rules for sales

FALC and the show coordinators will not be involved with the sales except to track the removal and replacement of paintings. If a FALC member who is exhibiting at Quinlan receives a call from a prospective buyer, they should handle the sale themselves as follows.

Price and payment: Agree on a price directly with the buyer. Take the buyer's contact information. The artist has full responsibility for the safety of the sale. Be cautious with personal checks or money orders from buyers that the artist doesn't know. The artist is responsible for handing over the painting to the buyer but be careful not to do so without the payment being verified.

Replacing the painting at Quinlan:

Please inform Slava or Yelena ( contact info below) about your intent to take down the painting for the purpose of the sale. Please also inform them of the details of the new painting that you are going to replace it with so that they may add it to their records. The artist should attach a title card to the new painting that relaces the sold one. Please contact Yelena or Slava with questions if you need additional information.

Yelena Shabrova, yelena@shabrova.com, 408-255-5125

Slava Shabrov, slava@shabrov.com, 408-255-5125

FALC commission: 10% of the sale price goes to FALC. You can either mail the check to FALC, P.O. Box 1624, Cupertino, CA 95015-1624 or give the check to Yelena or Slava at the next general meeting.


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