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Carrie Zeidman

I've loved creating art for as long as I can remember. When I was a child I created using whatever medium I could find. I would paint watercolors and lay them out to dry on my father's car, leaving colorful prints all over the hood and roof of the car. In school I took all types of art classes, trying my hand at ceramics, watercolors, oils, and inks. I especially liked the precise nature and intricacies of pointillism using a very sharp pen nib and ink. For several years this was my style.

As a career, I decided on graphic design. Since 1985 I have worked as a graphic artist, designing printed materials, logos, and websites, but illustration has always been my first love. I began doing more of my illustration on the computer and found that I really enjoyed creating my art digitally. After 20+ years in graphics, I decided to turn my full attention to creating my art. It varies, but my favorite subject has always been people, especially the eyes. I enjoy capturing facial expressions to make my subjects come to life.



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