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How To Become a FALC Member

Associate Membership :

Any person who is interested in the purposes of the Fine Arts League of Cupertino and wishes to support FALC activities may become an associate member. They may participate in club discussions, vote, and hold office, but cannot exhibit their work in FALC sponsored art shows.

Exhibiting Membership:

In order to participate in FALC events, an artist must be juried in as a exhibiting member.

How Jurying in Works: Jurying in takes place at all general meetings except December. All FALC members in attendance anonymously vote by ballot, and the result is then emailed to the artist. As a juried club, FALC strives to maintain a certain standard of proficiency since organizations that invite us to exhibit assume a certain selectivity.

One rule of thumb commonly used when voting in new members is to ask yourself this question - Would I like to exhibit with this work? Would this new work add to the reputation of the club? Just as we support each other by bringing our best work to shows and by providing new, fresh work for the painting changes at Quinlan, we use our artists' eyes to make decisions about what work will be hanging beside ours at the next show.

A new member needs at least 3/4 of the general membership vote in attendance to be juried in as an Exhibiting member. Please do not send a membership application form or payment before you have been juried in. Membership for continuing exhibiting members is $45.00 per year, January through December. New exhibiting members joining after July 1 will pay $25.00 for the second half of the year.


This form is in a pdf format which can be opened by acrobat reader, a free download from www.Adobe.com

You may type your information directly onto the form prior to printing it. Go to the last name box and then tab through the form . Squares will be checked if you hit return.

Download Membership Form


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