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Photos from the 2008 Show
We would like to thank Slava Shabrov for taking photographs of the paintings and the Reception.

Our thanks to all the participants and volunteers who helped make this show a success! Congratulations to all our award winners!

From left to right: Orrin Mahoney -Fall Festival Chair, Stefan Baumann - Show Judge and Auctioneer, Iona Ezaki - FALC President and show organizer, Bob Harrison - Cupertino Arts Commission Chair, Nina Uppaluru - FALC VP and show organizer, Steve Ting - Rotary President.

Our thanks to the Rotary Club of Cupertino for their generous donation of $1000 toward the prizes for the show and giving us the Community Hall for the event. We would also like to thank the City of Cupertino Fine Arts Commission for their generous grant.

Our congratulations to FALC artist Floy Zittin for winning the 2008 Cupertino Distinguished Artist award. Please visit her website for more information www.floyzittin.com
Cupertino Mayor Dolly Sandoval speaking at the Reception.
Stefan Bauman of the PBS Series "The Grand View" was the judge for the show. He also conducted the Auction at the reception and very generously donated 2 awards (worth $700) for the show. We sincerely thank him for his involvement and support. Please visit www.thegrandview.com for more information.
FALC President Iona Ezaki presented long time member and past FALC president Zoe Thompson a Lifetime Service Award.
Auction Paintings
Our thanks to FALC artists Nava Attia-Benoit, Janki Chokshi, Iona Ezaki, Priyanka Gupta, Yao-Pi Hsu, Rajiv Khilnani, Joy Kuo, Tanushri Mathur, Dee Sullivan, Nina Uppaluru and Carrie Zeidman who donated 15 paintings for the live Auction held during the reception. 70% of the proceeds from the Auction were donated to the Rotary Club ShelterBox project. www.shelterbox.org. Our thanks to Iona Ezaki for organizing the Auction.
Many thanks to Belinda Lima, Laurie Creveling, Nina Uppaluru and all the volunteers for the many hours spent on organizing, setting up and hanging the show display.

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