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All Artist demonstrations are open to the Public. Guests are welcome.
2018 Free Demonstrations
June 2018
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, June 11th 2018/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Oscar Lopez
I am visual artist born and raised in Mexico City, where I first came into contact of the art world in the Graffiti urban art scene. After immigrating to the USA to San Francisco, Bay area, I studied at Foothill College where my teachers Jose Arenas and Joe Ragey introduced me to the fine art world and encouraged me to go on to study more. Doing a french academic atelier system, and now currently at the San Francisco Art Institute I'm working in my artwork to choose the right images to communicate my thoughts and ideas to the viewer. I have had the fortune to study with a big group of fantastic people and artists such as Carl Dobsky, David Chaifetz, David Kassan, Sadie Valery, Coung Nguyen, Bryan Blood, Terry Ford, Fong Wei, Daniel keys and many others, and for that I will be always grateful. I enjoy working in oil, pastel, charcoal and airbrush and other mediums. I am currently concentrating on portraits and micro emotions, In preparation to make multifigure paintings. Culture has a huge impact on the way each of us perceives the world, and I hope to share my perspective with others through my artwork.
May 2018
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, May 14th 2018/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Peggy Kirk
Peggy grew up in Saratoga, attending San Jose State University where she earned a BFA in pictorial Arts. In 2015, Peggy spent three-months painting the rugged beauty of Scotland. In 2017, Peggy earned a merit scholarship to Sam Levi’s workshops in Telluride Colorado. A member of the Santa Cruz Art League and the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, Peggy shows her work regularly in both group and solo exhibitions. Her, Moon Over Santa Cruz, was in the Santa Cruz 2017 statewide-juried landscape exhibition. When she’s not in her studio, Peggy teaches art to adults with disabilities at Claraty Arts in Santa Cruz.
April 2018
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, April 9th 2018/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Bhavana Mishra

Bhavna is a full-time painter, illustrator, graphic artist, and art educator. She illustrates nature, landscapes, portraiture, and still life as an emotional response to what she observes. Through her art, she attempts to present the subjects in its basic shapes and defining forms maintaining a careful balance of accuracy and expressionism.

Since her childhood, she never doubted her decision of becoming a painter one day. She studied Science but slowly made a transition towards artmaking.Misra specializes in creating custom portraits, sun-lit landscapes, food art, and animal illustrations for private and corporate collections.

She uses different media including graphite, watercolor, oil, and pastels. She does not practice layering, instead she uses large amounts of thick paint for each stroke. She paints everyday, while listening to NPR.

Misra works as an art contractor for Alameda County Library System. She owns and operates Bhavna Misra Art Studio in Fremont. She is professionally affiliated to Fremont Art Association. Her email is: bhavna.misra@gmail.com and phone 510-862-4169. She lives in Fremont and online at www.bhavnamisra.com.

March 2018
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, March 12th 2018/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Azita Farshin

My inspiration comes from my observation to the nature, animals, and specially birds. The colors of them always inspire me to create something unique and special. I was being familiar with painting and embroidery when I was so young, 9 years old. After 7 years working and learning in my mom’s classes, who was designer and artist in our town, at age 17 I had my own students and helping her in classes. After participating in several art galleries with my mom, I started to work beside of embroidery on watercolor painting and found my second interest. I was amazed to decorate inside of home with tone of color which I created and matching it with all of furniture and pictures.. My art help me having more patient and persistence in my life specially embroidered pieces which take more than 6 weeks to be completed.

February 2018
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, Fabruary 12th 2018/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Shannon Amidon

Shannon Amidon is an award winning artist from San Jose, CA. She creates mixed media artwork primarily concentrating on the ancient medium of encaustic painting. She incorporates natural, upcycled and repurposed materials into her artwork, breathing new life into objects that would otherwise be destined for a landfill. Using environmentally safe and sustainable practices is very important to her. In addition to upcycling discarded objects and materials she also makes her own paints using natural earth pigments and binders.

Shannon’s artwork has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Shannon was selected for the 2017 stARTup Art Fair in San Francisco. In 2015 she received the Leigh Weimers Emerging Artist Award and was identified by the curators of the Triton Museum of Art as an artist they feel are worthy of attention in the coming years. In 2011 she was named the SV Creates Artist Laureate, receiving a Fellowship Grant. She was also the recipient of an Eco Art Grant and studio make-over from the Art Inspector part of the Zero One Art and Technology Network.

Shannon has been an artist in residence at The Ayatana Artistic Research Program in Quebec Canada, TechShop San Jose, Herhusid House Artist Residency in Iceland as well as the David and Julia White Artist Colony in Costa Rica. In 2016, 2015 and 2013 she was selected to create large, 400lb, 5ft x 6ft public art hearts for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation; two of the hearts were purchased by Genentech and one by Wells Fargo Bank.

Shannon is active in her local arts community contributing her time, knowledge and art. She is the co-founder of My Art Resources; an online comprehensive source of business tools and professional practices for artists living in Santa Clara County and nearby cities.

January 2018
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, January 8th 2018/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Bobbi Baldwin

Bobbi Baldwin is a versatile painter who works in all mediums but mostly in oil, soft pastel, charcoal, and bronze. Her plein air paintings are both figurative and expressive, while her portrait and still life work are completely lifelike in a romantic realism. There is an ability to capture the true nature of her subjects.

Drawing upon her 35 years of experience in commission portraits as well as 32 years of teaching, Bobbi is capable of teaching the techniques of art in ways that will reach your need to understand on a deeper level. Her strengths are in her masterful knowledge of drawing, technique, color theory, & composition. Her lecture on facial features is so well founded that she has taught plastic surgeons to draw the human face with this lecture. She has been making her living as a professional artist since 1982.

Past Demos
December 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, December 11th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
FALC Holiday Party and Paint-In.

2015 December Potluck images.

Paint-In: Please join us for our most enjoyable yearly event! It has been a FALC tradition for several years to come together and paint Holiday posters which will be donated to the Pleasant View Convalescent home in Cupertino. If you are shy about painting with a group, please join us anyway. We would appreciate the opportunity to talk and get to know one another.

Please join us in celebrating the Holidays! Bring your watercolor or quick drying acrylic paint, brushes and palette. No oil paints. Paper will be provided. You could choose to paint a simple secular holiday picture of your choice. We have designs that you can pick from to paint. Theme required : 6 Posters on Christmas theme and rest on Spring or general Holiday theme.

Optional: Please bring a small wrapped gift (approx. $10) for the patients at the Convalescent Home who may not have relatives visiting them during the holidays. Please mark if it is for a male or female. No liquids, lotions or perishable goods please. Suggested gifts are gloves, scarves, socks etc.

Optional: Please bring a snack or food to share at the pot-luck.

November 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, November 13th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Kay Duffy

The freedom, spontaneity and speed – the “wet and loose”- of watercolor suits my temperament. My approach is “juicy” incorporating bright colors, broad strokes, and strong shapes to depict my feelings and impressions of the natural landscape, flowers and trees, buildings, foreign lands and exotic places.

Kay's recent, more experimental work utilizes an original technique of texturing oriental papers with watercolor pigments. These papers are torn, arranged and collaged to create interesting abstract images. Metallic foil, pastel and opaque media are also utilized to enhance the image.

Kay has been painting for over 45 years and has studied locally with Jane Hofstetter, Charlotte Britton, Jane Burnham and Marie MacDonnell Roberts. Always endeavoring to learn and grow, she has painted in workshops with nationally know artists such as Brommer, Nechis, Szabo, Betts, Simandle, Webb, Cheng Khee Chee and many others. An active member of the Allied Artists West, Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society, Los Gatos Art Association, Saratoga Contemporary Artists, The National League of American Pen Women and a signature member of the Society of Western Artists, Kay shows regularly with these groups throughout the Bay Area. The City of Saratoga honored this local artist by presenting one of her paintings to Saratoga’s Sister City of Muko-shi in Japan. In 2005 the County of Santa Clara purchased a local vineyard painting to present to their Sister County of Florence, Italy.

October 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, October 9th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Inna Cherneykina

Inna was born in Sergiev Posad, a town near Moscow. She discovered passion for drawing and painting at early years and at the age of 10 was accepted into the Sergiev Posad Art School. From1988 Inna studied in Moscow Art University for five years and recieved her Master of Art and Graphics degree.

After the University, Inna’s art career took a detour in to the world of computer games. It was a new exciting venture, which brought Inna to California in 1997. In 2007 Inna decided to dedicate more time to painting and went to Idaho to study under famous American-Armenian artist Ovanes Berberian. Berberian’s passion for colors made a huge influence on Inna’s vision of art. It also fueled Inna’s love for still life painting in particular, which was always her favorite genre. Painting is the essential part of Inna’s life and she feels fortunate by meeting great teachers and artists along the way.

She continues exploring her impressionist approach to painting and believes that sunny California is the perfect location for this exploration.

September 2017
Meeting Cancelled
August 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, August 14th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Carrie Zeidman

Carrie Zeidman is an award winning digital artist and photographer. She started her art career over twenty years ago as a commercial graphic artist, one of the first to use a personal computer to create art. She founded a successful graphics art company, Elán Studios, where she created advertisements, company materials, and websites for large and small businesses including Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems. Her commercial artwork even appeared on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. About ten years ago she left the commercial art world to devote her time to fine art, her first love. She used her computer illustration expertise to create her own unique style, a style that combines the techniques of digital illustration with the expression and creativity of traditional painting.

Since she moved into fine art, she has won numerous awards and honors for her art, including being named “Distinguished Artist of the Year” by the Fine Arts Commission of Cupertino in 2013. Her piece Freedom Rises in the East is on permanent display at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin, Germany. Carrie’s passions are photography, art, travel, and history, all of which are found in her book, Ghosts – Images of War. She is a tenth-generation Californian and a fourteenth generation American. Many years of researching her extensive family history, traveling to historic battle grounds, and creating her unique art all come together in her first book. Carrie lives in Cupertino, California with her husband Bob, who is also an author of several books. She lives on a mountain top that affords her a different breathtaking view of the sunrise over the Santa Clara Valley every morning, providing endless artistic inspiration.

June 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, June 12th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Doris Pickering

Have you ever had trouble trying to explain your artwork to others, especial a potential client? Do you often just keep quiet rather than approaching someone looking at your art because you are worried about what to say and making a less than good impression? Our speaker at our June meeting, Doris Pickering, will help us develop a clear and concise "elevator pitch", and provide us with tools to start and continue a productive and meaningful conversation about our work. This will be a fun and interactive evening, so please plan on attending.

First impressions matter! And you only have about 7 seconds to make that first impression! It’s interesting that the number ONE fear people have (that of public speaking) is also one of the most important skills you need to have in order to succeed and thrive in your business, professional and personal lives. After leaving the Silicon Valley high tech world, Doris launched her own public speaking and presentation training business, “Silicon Valley Speaks”. Her programs focus on uncovering your “WHY” as a source of inspiration and confidence.

May 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, May 8th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Nancy Crowley

Nancy Ann Crowley, born in Chicago, Ill., comes from a family of writers and artists. Nancy Ann began painting at 6 years old. Her earliest remembrances were sketching and painting next to her father in his studio. Nancy Ann currently lives with her family in San Jose, Calif.

Nancy Ann received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University Stanislaus where her work remains in the permanent art collection of the college and won many awards for her work. She continues to be inspired by the works of: Caravaggio, for his dramatic use of light to experience emotion, J.M.W. Turner for the intensity of hue to represent the evanescent light, Van Gogh for his brutally honest depiction of life and his fearless use of color and Arthur T. Waugh, her father, for his teaching, patience, and belief in her art.

Italy is a favorite subject of Nancy Ann's. Her work depicts the beauty of the land and she believes there is no better way to express the feelings and emotions of a subject than through the use of vibrant color. She exhibits her art in US and international galleries and participates in international art competitions. Nancy Ann's paintings can be found in various galleries and in private and corporate collections in the United States, Japan, Italy and Kuwait.

April 2017
Meeting Cancelled
March 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, March 13th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Seamus Strahan-Mauk
Hands on Demo on Photography

Seamus has an extensive background in photography and lighting and will discussing and demonstrating techniques artists can use to successfully photograph their own artwork using standard digital cameras including smart phones. Please bring your most commonly used camera and a small example of your artwork for a hands on experience.

Seamus Strahan-Mauk has been immersed in photography and image-making since childhood, where he did his best to keep up with his father in the wilds of California. After graduating with an MFA in Cinematography from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and a brief stint in independent film, Seamus went on to shoot locally for such brands as Adobe, Uber, HP, and Oculus. He is currently the resident Director of Photography for emotion studios in Sausalito, California, and in his off-time captures a wide range of subjects, including traditional portraiture, wildlife, and urban photography.

February 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, February 13th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Ed Lucey
January 2017
FALC General Meeting, Quinlan Center, Craft Room, 10185 Stelling Rd., Cupertino
Monday, January 9th 2017/ 7:00 PM - 9 PM
Denise Howard

Denise Howard grew up on a farm in rural Missouri surrounded by animals and nature.  As soon as she could hold a pencil she started drawing everything, and her world revolved around her art until she finished college.  She earned a B.A. in Art and a B.S. in Math/Computer Science concurrently from Truman State University, and later an M.S. in Computer Science from Ohio State University, focused on computer graphics. She worked for several Silicon Valley companies, was one of the developers of iPhoto at Apple and earned movie credits on Antz and Shrek at PDI/Dreamworks. Software engineering left little time or energy for creating art for 25+ years. 

Finally the urge to return to her art became too strong to ignore, so she began committing the time to pursue it as a second career and quickly began receiving local, national and international recognition for her realist colored pencil and graphite work.  She is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) and the UK Colored Pencil Society (UKCPS), and has Master Pencil Artist Status (MPAS) with the Pencil Art Society (PAS).  She is president of the northern California chapter of the CPSA.

She lives in Santa Clara, California with her husband, an Abyssinian cat, and a garden full of native plants and hummingbirds


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