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Silicon Valley Open Studios 2015 Weekend #3

Fine Arts League of Cupertino Site #149 at Cupertino Civic Center

Printable Prospectus.

Release And Assumption of Risk Form.

The Fine Arts League of Cupertino (FALC) is sponsoring open group site on Silicon Valley Open Studios (SVOS) weekend #3 and invites artists to display and sell their art at the event.

Address: Cupertino Civic Center Plaza, 10300 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014

Artists on site: (23 maximum)

Registration deadline: December 22, 2014

Schedule: (matching Cupertino Library hours)

Saturday 5/16/2014

7 AM to 10 AM - artist setup

10 AM - 6 PM - fair

8 PM deadline to vacate space (You may leave covered canopy without merchandize overnight at your own risk.)

Sunday 5/17/2014

9 AM to 12 PM - artist setup

12 PM - 6 PM - fair

8 PM deadline to vacate space.

Artists can display and offer for sale only their own original artwork or small edition copies of their original artwork. Artists may offer face or hand painting and other services directly related to their art as long as these activities are suitable for public display and location.

Art works, depicting hatred, derogatory or offensive subject matter will not be tolerated. All items and activities must be suitable for public display. Children will be attending the fair.

Artists must provide their own setup. Area is outdoors and has concrete pavement or packed clay/sand. Each artist will have at least 15’x15’ of flat area with enough space to set up one 10’x10’ canopy. Small trees and benches may interfere with larger canopies. All canopies, umbrellas, etc. must be weighted down; spikes cannot be used to fix canopy.

Artists can process their own sales and must have a California sellers permit.

If you do not have a sellers permit hence cannot process your own sales, FALC can process sales and pay sales tax on behalf of artists. FALC can also process credit card transactions through PayPal or Square. FALC will accept a 15% donation on transactions, processed through FALC.

The artist or someone on the artist’s behalf must attend the display at all times. Artists must keep their display neat and safe. Avoid sharp protruding objects or any unstable construction, which may injure patrons or small children.

No alcoholic or intoxicating food or beverages can be offered or presented on the site of the fair at any time. Food or drinks will not be offered to artists or patrons in any organized manner; however artists may offer finger food, soft drinks and water at their own discretion.

Artists participate in the event at their own risk. No loss, damage or injury insurance is provided. FLAC will obtain liability insurance, as required by City of Cupertino for public events.

During registration FALC will collect a site fee to offset the cost of liability insurance as well as other expenses. Cost is $30 for FALC members and $40 for non-members. FALC membership is currently $30 for calendar year, beginning January 1.

FALC will create and print postcards and posters for artists to distribute and promote the event. Each participating artist will have at least 50 postcards and 2 posters. If you need additional postcards or posters, let us know during application. There is no charge for more cards or posters but please only order what you will use.

FALC will create and ask each artist to manage one street sign at an assigned location. Signs should be put out in the morning and collected in the evening each day. It is ok to collect signs on Sunday as early as 5 PM. To emphasize - SIGNS SHALL NOT STAY OVERNIGHT ON STREETS.

Bathrooms are available in the Cupertino Library. Bathrooms will not be available during setup and takedown hours.

Space is distributed on the first-come, first-served basis. FALC reserves the right to reject any request for space on the site without explanation.

The FALC Board reserves the right to object to any item displayed at the event. The artist will be required to remove the objectionable item immediately.


1.      Send an email to svos@falc.org with the link to your portfolio to inquire about space availability. You will get a confirmation.

2.      Visit the SVOS web site http://svos.org/for_artists.php and proceed with registration as described in the "Register as a Group" section.

3.      Deliver your SVOS registration materials to FALC at the December meeting 12/10/2014 at 7 PM in the Quinlan Community Center craft room, or mail it to FALC, P.O. Box 1624, Cupertino, CA 95015-1624. Your application must arrive (not postmarked!) by December 22, 2014. Your application must include:

a.      Everything, as required by SVOS (application, check, CD, etc.)

b.      Copy of the first page of SVOS application (with contact information).

c.      Signed Release Form.

d.      Check, payable to FALC for the amount of $30, if you are the current FALC member and plan to renew your membership in 2015. Or check, payable to FALC for the amount of $40 if you are not the FALC member (if you will join FALC in 2015, the difference will be matched in your membership fee).

4.      If you already registered or plan to register with another group site, you need to reserve your space by sending an email to svos@falc.org. Once you receive confirmation, you can add the FALC site to your application online on the SVOS web site. The name of the site "Fine Arts League of Cupertino", site number - 149. Mail or deliver a copy of the first page of your application, signed release form and the site fee check no later than the FALC January meeting - 1/12/2015 at 7:00 PM in the Quinlan Community Center Craft room.


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