2022 Art Demonstrations

July 2022

FALC General Meeting on Zoom.

Monday, July 11th 2022 7:00 PM - 9 PM

I was born and raised in India, worked in Bangalore in the 90s and moved to California in 2001. I developed keen interest in art during my high school years. However it was not until I secured my first job in 1988 after university graduation, that I could devote time and resources to undergo some formal academic training in art. In the year 1990 I attended one year art course taught by MTV Acharya, a well known watercolor artist in Bangalore, Karnataka. The following year, I joined an art course run by Ken school of Art in Bangalore for working individuals on weekends. The course was taught by RM Hadpad, another well known artist of the time. Since then I developed keen interest in watercolor medium and have been painting in that medium for more than two decades. I am self-taught for the most part, picking up techniques and approach of various accomplished watercolor artists through books and analyzing paintings. Photography, theatre are my two other passions, besides watercolor painting.

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