2023 Art Demonstrations

August 2023

FALC General Meeting In Quinlan Community Center as well as on Zoom.

Monday, Aug 14th 2023 7:00 PM - 9 PM

Shone Chacko is an accomplished Scratchboard artist based in San Jose, California. With an artistic journey spanning more than a decade, he discovered the captivating world of scratchboards and has been captivated by its unique medium ever since. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, Shone Chacko specializes in creating realistic artworks that breathe life into his subjects. 

His preferred subjects revolve around the mesmerizing beauty of felines, canines, and birds, which he skillfully captures through his scratchboard creations. What sets Shone apart is his innovative approach to coloring scratchboards. Utilizing a diverse range of inks, he fearlessly experiments with an array of scratching tools, such as surgical scalpels, hobby knives, fiber glass brushes, airbrushes, sandpaper, steel wool, tattoo needles, and other carefully selected abrasive tools. This adventurous spirit allows him to push the boundaries of his craft, resulting in stunning and dynamic compositions. 

Recognized for his remarkable talent, Shone actively participates in prestigious art exhibitions organized by the esteemed International Scratchboard Society. Additionally, he showcases his works in numerous regional and national shows across the country, continuously sharing his artistic vision with a wider audience. To immerse yourself in Shone Chacko's captivating world of scratchboard art, you can explore his remarkable portfolio 


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