August 2023 Newsletter

Key Dates

 August 14th, 2023: FALC General Meeting on Monday at 7:00 PM Hybrid Meeting.


2023 -2024 FALC Membership

To participate in FALC sponsored shows and exhibits, one must be juried in as a exhibiting member. Artists who have submitted 3 pieces of original art which meet with the approval and acceptance of the voting members will be awarded "Exhibiting Membership". Jurying in will take place at most meetings.

Membership for continuing members is $45.00 per year, January through December.

$45 - full year membership

$25 - half year membership (Jurying after June 2023 till December 2024)

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General Meeting

Aug 14th, 2023

FALC General Meeting, at 10185 N Stelling Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014 Quinlan Community Center Craft room and Zoom Meeting

Monday, Aug 14th 2023 7:00 PM - 9 PM


Shone Chacko is an accomplished Scratchboard artist based in San Jose, California. With an artistic journey spanning more than a decade, he discovered the captivating world of scratchboards and has been captivated by its unique medium ever since. Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, Shone Chacko specializes in creating realistic artworks that breathe life into his subjects.

His preferred subjects revolve around the mesmerizing beauty of felines, canines, and birds, which he skillfully captures through his scratchboard creations. What sets Shone apart is his innovative approach to coloring scratchboards. Utilizing a diverse range of inks, he fearlessly experiments with an array of scratching tools, such as surgical scalpels, hobby knives, fiber glass brushes, airbrushes, sandpaper, steel wool, tattoo needles, and other carefully selected abrasive tools. This adventurous spirit allows him to push the boundaries of his craft, resulting in stunning and dynamic compositions.

Recognized for his remarkable talent, Shone actively participates in prestigious art exhibitions organized by the esteemed International Scratchboard Society. Additionally, he showcases his works in numerous regional and national shows across the country, continuously sharing his artistic vision with a wider audience. To immerse yourself in Shone Chacko's captivating world of scratchboard art, you can explore his remarkable portfolio 

Shows to See

FALC does not endorse the classes, venues and events listed below. We simply list any information that we determine would be of interest to our members. If you have a show or reception that you would like to list in this section, please send the information (under 50 words) to along with a picture of the display if you have one.



Shows to Enter

1) The Colored Pencil Society of America District Chapter 210 San Jose (CPSA DC210) annual show Explorations in Colored Pencil XI is open for entry submissions. You can find entry instructions and the prospectus at

 2) To celebrate our 40 year milestone, HAC is hosting a Juried Exhibition, “Celebrating 40 years of Art in the Bay Area” at John O’Lague Galleria at Hayward City Hall. Register now!!

3) The GREATER BAY AREA OPEN (GBAO) in Association with The Los Gatos Art Association (LGAA) presents Potentiality / Actuality The 2023/24 Greater Bay Area Open (GBAO) Juried Competition and Exhibition held at New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU) Exhibition Dates: Fri, Nov 17, 2023 through Sat, Mar 9, 2024 Entry deadline: Fri, Oct 20, 2023 

Falc Fallfest show is coming up.  sept - 9th. 


Classes and Workshops

2023  FALC Board

President: Janki Chokshi - - Website and Newsletter
Vice Presidents: Sriharsha Annadore ad Saikat Choudhury      
Treasurer: Divya Eby   
Secretary: Vishakha Shah   
Membership: Anandhi Pugazanthi
Publicity: Kalpana Adesara
Demo Coordinator: Janki Chokshi    
Online Gallery pages and web Master: Namratha Prithviraj
Artist of the Month Updates: Sriharsha Anadore
Panel rental: Janki Chokshi
Greeting Table: Anandhi Pugazanthi
Online mail and News letter updates: Janki Chokshi, Anandi Pugazanthi, Kalpana Adesar, Saikat Choudhury, Sriharsha Annadore  

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