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Anu Valtanen

Anu Valtanen, born and raised in Finland, paints mostly with watercolor and acrylics. “I have always loved nature, clouds and water. They are visible in most of my paintings.”

As a child, Anu was always exploring the nature. Making mud cakes, drawing with juices of beets, using potato starch glue or just wondering around the fields, forest and beautiful lakes for the inspirations. Art was always her favorite subject at school. Anu never stack to one medium – she loved to combine them, and the more the better!

Anu moved to California in 1999 where she soon proceeded to study watercolors - and fell in love with the endless possibilities within the difficult medium that she had almost hated before. Anu pulls from her Finnish roots as inspiration for her work. You can see that California meets Finland when Anu gets inspired!