Art Gallery Hadi Aghaee

Hadi Aghaee

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Shiraz, Iran, home of the 14 century poet Hafez, Hadi is a self-taught artist showing immense passion and interest in drawing from early age working in pen and chalk-pencil and later with pastel.

Hadi was completely absent from art and the art scenes for nearly three and a half decades. In mid-2014, he returned to pick up art where he had left; this time working with acrylic, brush and canvas.

Though Hadi’s main works are Acrylic/Oil on canvas, he occasionally creates pieces in other mediums including sculpture and digital art as well. Despite his short return to art Hadi has been active with participation in art shows and juried exhibitions and has been awarded multiple times. All works in his current portfolio are from 2014 to present.