Art Gallery Kalpana Adesara

Kalpana Adesara

Kalpana grew up in India and got her BA in Arts from South Gujarat University, India before moving to the United States. With her mother’s encouragement she got interested in the fine arts. Her interest in art goes back all the way to the time when she used to create artwork with color pencils and charcoal. Since then, she has pursued her interest in various art forms, such as painting, mehndi (henna) art and ceramics. Lately she has been working mostly with acrylics and exploring her henna art on different surfaces like candles, wood, acrylic sheets and clay pots. She believes that art is a form of meditation and she always says, “I love to paint and I paint what I love”. With this passion she has developed a lot of patience and discipline. She does bridal henna art and runs art classes. Her art journey has been exciting, rewarding and has given her a feeling of great privilege