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Malavika Eby

Raised by an artist, Malavika Eby's world has included art for as long as she could remember, in countless forms from sketching, painting, and clay modeling, to crochet, creative writing, and dance. She once heard that art is the closest thing we have to magic in real life, which she agrees with. Some of her favorite visual art mediums are color pencil shading, pencil sketching, and acrylic painting. She loves creating vibrant projects and depicting gentle and natural subjects.

Malavika holds private color pencil and drawing lessons for young students (age 6-12) as part of Colorful Moments Art School in Cupertino, CA. She is also a Volunteer Coordinator at the Academy of Music and Art for Special Education.

Malavika is currently an undergraduate student at Swarthmore College studying Psychology on the pre-medical track. She is also a Bharatnatyam dancer and writer. In 2020, Malavika published, "The Gift That Keeps on Giving," a 206-page guidebook about social-emotional lessons for braving today's competitive educational climate.