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Nitasha Sahay

Nitasha Sahay is a fine artist and a teacher who currently runs a studio in San Jose, CA, where she paints every day and also teaches aspiring new artists. She was born and raised in India and has a master`s in Fashion designing and Merchandising from a prestigious Designing school in New Delhi, India. She worked as a Merchandiser for few years before moving to United States. She is passionate about all forms of art and believes “Art is a journey and it purifies our soul, bringing beauty and in some cases changes in the society. It is an integral part of our society, culture, heritage and our history”. She works in multiple mediums like Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Charcoal, graphite and acrylic. Her subject matters include Portraiture, Florals, Landscape, still life and so. Her training as a fashion designer and multiple classes she took to hone her skills helps her capture the essence and the character of her subjects in realistic style.