Art Gallery Piyaali B Samanta

Piyaali B Samanta

Piyaali grew up in India and Venezuela and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her journey developed a deep appreciation of the Power of Art. Through art she wants to connect for philanthropic purposes. She believes art is a powerful creative and a meditative medium for connection, collaboration, and unification. To her, art is a therapy. The style of her artwork is inspired and influenced by her cultural roots to India and by her professional career in architecture.

She finds inspiration in both the organic, dynamic patterns of the natural world and the orderly, defined geometry of man made architecture. These influences are present in her diverse range of two-dimensional works. Her preferred media are acrylic/oil paint on canvas for paintings or black ink on paper for her drawings. Her methods oscillate between the focused, planned precision of drafting shapes, and the organic, emotional intuition of expressionism, often in the same work. The geometric patterns are juxtaposed with strong brush strokes forming abstract figures, a combination of geometric abstraction layered and emphasized with figurative expressionism. Her paintings are an abstraction exploring the realm of her emotional experience or sometimes just a study of her surroundings.

Through her paintings she either tells a story or are her reflections; an expression of her emotions, which are left to interpretation in the eyes of the viewer but if the viewer looks and evokes any feeling in them, she feels she has connected.