Art Gallery Shital Velani

Shital Velani

Mrs. Shital Velani, owner of “Art By Shital”, was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in 1977. She possesses bachelors in Science in civil engineering. She always had an inclination towards Art. She started as a landscape artist few years ago. She gets her inspiration from the places she visited and the work of lots of famous artists. She loves the harmony of colors in nature, and that is what inspires her to create on canvas. She exclusively works in Acrylic medium. Her subjects of interest are landscapes, flowers, wildlife etc.

She also indulges in loose method of creating abstract art by pouring acrylic paint on canvas and letting the paint do its own work. She also works with Resin Art. According to her, this new Acrylic pour art is very therapeutic where one let go of all the control and let the paint take its own form. She believes art should be fun and relaxing. She lets her art speak to her.

Her art is for those who finds the warmth and peace at the same time while looking at it. It’s for those who understand the harmony of colors in nature.To view some of Shital’s projects visit her Instagram or Facebook pages. Ph No: (408)250-8490"